Redlander Restaurant

Schnebly’s Winery has added a fresh new restaurant that offers farm to table dining experience.

   Since 2003, Schnebly’s Winery has offered South Florida a one of a kind experience, featuring the brightest and most unique flavors of wine you could possibly imagine. What better way to keep the tradition of using local and fresh ingredients than by adding a new edition to their team and introducing The Redlander Restaurant. Led by Chef Dewey LoSasso, my dining experience at the Redlander was anything but ordinary!

 I am going to get straight to the point and say that from beginning to end, my taste buds were overjoyed by each plate that was brought to the table.

I went to two different extremes with the appetizers and had the Mahi Mahi Ceviche and the Crispy Guava Chicken Wings. The ceviche was fresh, light, and had a great balance of citrus and spicy flavors, accompanied with an avocado and corn mash.



As for the wings, I don’t want to be biased, since I like everything extra crispy, but they were definitely my top choice in appetizers. Smothered in sweet yet tangy Guava, the wings had a perfect texture and every bite was as succulent as the first. (oh and crispy!)


I probably should have gone on the lighter side when it came to my entrée, but who are we kidding! The Pork and Grits dish was on the heavy side, but if you are looking for comfort and flavor, then this is the dish for you! The creaminess of the grits with the intense juicy flavor of the pulled pork had me on cloud nine!   The Redlander Burger had an interesting hint of mint and pepper to it and went really well with the coleslaw and fries.


Now if you are adventurous like me, you will not go wrong with the Avocado Flan Brulee for dessert. The avocado and flan combination has a refreshing, sweet and velvety taste to it. However, if you are not one to eat sweet avocado, then I suggest the Flourless Chocolate Torte. It was rich in chocolate flavor and fudgy for those of you who are skeptical about the “flourless” part of the dessert.



I highly recommend that you try The Redlander Restaurant when vising Schnebly’s Winery for a close to home, fresh, farm to table experience.

                  Remember, there is no need to rush! Take your time and savor every bite.


The Redlander restaurant is currently promoting their Miami spice menu, giving guests a chance to experience a 3 course meal at $23.00 per person for lunch and $39.00 per person for dinner. (Non-inclusive of tax, service, and beverages.)

The Redlander Restaurant
Phone: (305) 242-1224
Address: 30205 S.W. 217th Avenue, Homestead, FL 33030
Kitchen Hours:
Thurs: 11:30am - 4:30pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30am - 10:30pm
Sun: Noon - 6:00pm




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