Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros

The first Chocolate Brigadeiro boutique of it’s kind in Florida, Oh My Gosh indulges your sweet tooth with what is known to be a national icon in Brazil.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first walked in to Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros. I knew I was going to be trying out gourmet chocolates, but I had no idea what a brigaderio was or what it really consisted of. The smell of vanilla and cocoa immediately caught my attention.  I was greeted by Luciano Brilho, the owner of Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros, who was happy to introduce me to the concept of what a brigaderio was.

A common and very popular Brazilian delicacy, the brigadeiro is made from condensed milk, powdered chocolate, butter and chocolate sprinkles to cover the outside layer. It makes up a big part of the Brazilian culture and is present in innumerable occasions: from birthday parties for children to more luxurious parties.

Luciano explained to me that eating a brigadeiro is said to give people a familiar sensation because it is a way to remember happy times spent with family and friends. He wanted to bring this sense of culture and familiarity to South Florida and was truly passionate about making sure that everyone could experience this tradition for themselves.

At this point I was even more excited to try my first brigaderio! I started with their traditional milk brigadeiro accompanied by their ever so popular Cappuccino with a ring of Nutella!


PhotoGrid_1460858807775OH MY GOSH were the only words that I could use to express how I felt after taking my first bite, which is why it is so perfect that this brigadeiro boutique would hold that name. I could taste the condensed milk and the blend of rich chocolate that surrounded it. It truly is a perfect combination and at no point was it ever too sweet! It was just perfect.

The brigadeiro itself is offered in more elaborate forms where the preparation includes high quality ingredients, giving it a higher status of a gourmet dessert.

OMG Brigadeiros offers a total of 19 flavors, 14 of which are gluten free and 1 that is vegan. I was lucky enough to try more than half and each one had a different feel, taste and smell. But each one was delightfully sinful yet so perfectly innocent! ( I was in a total state of ecstasy )



If you can’t swing by the shop, than you can always order and they ship nationwide. They are currently working on a delivery system for all of Miami Dade County and I couldn’t be happier with that news.


Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros caters to all different kinds of events and they can customize to fit your needs.The environment is relaxed and you can pretty much smell, taste and feel the sweetness in the air.


These days, a confluence of forces from the culinary to the entrepreneurial have sweetened the scene to new heights, and Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros is no exception . If you have yet to try this charming chocolate brigadeiro boutique, I highly recommend you treat yourself to a box or two . I promise that it will be a taste like no other !


Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros

2771 Coral Way

Miami, FL 33145

305 456-8378

Facebook: /omgbrigadeiros

Instagram: @omgbrigadeiros


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