Panaderia 20 de Julio

After moving to a completely new area in Kendall, I decided it was time to explore and check out the few breakfast options that were available to me. In this exploration I stumbled upon a small, almost hole in the wall, Colombian bakery called Panaderia 20 de Julio.

    As someone who comes from Colombian roots, I always tend to be a tad bit picky about restaurants that claim to be serving authentic Colombian couisine. I have to say that Panaderia 20 de Julio did not disappoint!!

   I started off with a simple Bunuelo, a small fried doughy ball that consists of queso fresco (curd white cheese), that had just been taken out fresh from the kitchen. I could already see that the color was absolutely perfect, having a golden crispy looking outside. The bunuelo was just as it should be, buttery, cheesy, crunchy on the outside and with a fluffy sponge like texture on the inside.



 I paired my bunuelos with a guanabana milkshake. Guanabana is a massive green fruit with a white fleshy inside. Its flavor is a combination of strawberry and pineapple with sour citrus flavor notes contrasting with an underlying creamy flavor similar of coconut or banana.

I have to admit that the Atmosphere at Panaderia 20 de Julio took me back to time spent in Colombia during my childhood, having breakfast at the corner bakery right before walking to school.

But it wasn’t just the cheesy bunuelos and milkshakes that have made me a loyal customer, it is their housemade aji ( Colombian hotsauce) and the chicharron platter that have me coming back almost every morning ! Chicharron, or fried pork belly, is a very popular side dish in some of Colombians most popular meals. Chicharron, however, can also be a great addition to your breakfast! Dip your chicharron into some spicy aji, and you will have an explosion of fresh hot flavors!


Panaderia 20 de Julio lives up to its Colombian roots and serves a variety of popular Colombian dishes, drinks and desserts.   

 If you are looking for a change from pastelitos and sweet morning breakfast treats, than I highly suggest that you try Panaderia 20 de Julio, where you will get an array of baked options as well as full on breakfast platters ranging from $1.25 to $8.50.

         Remember there is no need to rush! Take your time and savor every bite!



Panaderia 20 de Julio

15415 SW 137th Ave, Miami, FL 33177

(305) 378-9428

Hours: 6:30am-9:00pm